Preschool Ministry

A nursery for children three and under is provided during all church services. Children are cared for by both professional nursery employees as well as volunteers from the church. As we greatly value children and their safety, all nursery workers (paid and volunteered) are screened, video cameras are in all nursery rooms with a monitor in the hallway to continually record all nursery activities, and parents are given a specialized pass when they leave a child in the nursery which must be presented when the child is picked up. Those who leave children in the nursery are also given a pager in order that they may be contacted by the nursery workers if the need arises.

Preschoolers are also invited to be a part of Missions and Choir. Babies through sixth grade are invited to participate in Missions on Wednesday nights from 6pm -7pm, September through May. Choir starts at 5:30pm on Wednesdays and is for kids ages 4 and up.

It is a privilege when you let us minister to your children!


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