Children’s Worship

Four year old through first graders have the option of attending Children’s Worship every Sunday. After the last song before the sermon, these children will be dismissed to the Ark for Children’s Worship.

At Children’s Worship, we seek to provide children with a meaningful, safe, and fun worship experience.

This isn’t a babysitting service. During Children’s Worship, children are taught what it means to worship and how to participate in a worship service. At the same time, the curriculum is age-appropriate so that children can actually learn something.

All of our volunteers are screened and background-checked. We want our kids to be in the best hands!

Also, in order to register your child for Children’s Worship, you must visit the Touch Screen Computer in the foyer of the auditorium. There you will print out a parent pick-up tag and name-tag for your child. Only the person with the matching parent pick-up tag can pick your child up.

We have fun in Children’s Worship! Engaging videos and fun activities make for lots of laughs along with our learning.

Come check us out this Sunday!


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