Who are the teachers with my kids?
The heartbeat of our children’s ministry is volunteers. Every children’s program we have is led and supported by church members who volunteer their time and effort to make ministry happen. In addition to these volunteers, there are five professional childcare providers who work in the preschool division. All of our children’s ministry volunteers are screened.

Does your ministry offer snacks? What if my child has a food allergy?
Often, our preschool classes will offer healthy snacks at appropriate times. If you have concerns about when snacks are distributed or what type of snacks are offered, please contact specific teachers or the preschool director.

If your child has a food allergy, please indicate on your registration card. If you have concerns, please be sure to contact specific teachers and/or the director.

I like to work with kids. How do I volunteer?
There are numerous opportunities to serve in our children’s ministry ranging in several levels of commitment. Please contact Pastor Brett in the church office for specific information regarding different opportunities to serve.