Two Important Events on September 25

There will be two important events on September 25.

The first of these events is the child dedication.

Every so often, FBC takes the opportunity to allow parents to dedicate their children to the Lord. September 25, we will set aside time in the worship service to make this happen.

One of the most exciting things about the child dedication is the Child Dedication Class, which will take place at 9am on September 25. We will have a very special guest, Mary Ann Bradbury, who will teach and encourage parents in the raising up their children as people who love Jesus.

If you wish to dedicate your child, please mark your connection card on Sunday morning, or stop by the office sometime during the week so we can plan accordingly.

The second important event on September 25 is a Child Development Seminar.

A while back we had Mary Ann Bradbury in Seguin teaching our child dedication and also leading a child development seminar. She did such a great job that many of you requested that she come back… and SOON! We listened, and she’ll be back on September 25.

This event is ABSOLUTELY FREE. Lunch will be served, and we will provide childcare. In order to make best use of our resources, we need to know if you will be attending and which of your kids will require childcare. Please please please RSVP in the church office with this info ASAP! 830-379-4208


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